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Clinical Trials Dallas Fort Worth serves the North Texas region by connecting eligible participants with the very best clinical studies available in the area. We find top clinics in the area and provide you with the information to quickly determine if the trial could be right for you. Take a look at the basic highlights of each study and then fill out the short form here on the site for the office to get you further details. We believe that clinical trials in our DFW area are a fantastic way for you to get top care as well as further the advancement of cures in the various studies. Don’t hesitate to make a request and we will respond to you right away with additional information!

Clinical Trials Dallas Fort Worth is:

  • Fully committed to presenting local residents with the very best medical studies in the area which best meet their particular medical need.
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Thinking of participating in a clinical study?

What Are Clinical Trials?

Millions of Americans today are taking part in clinical trials, whether first phase local testing, or fourth phase mass participant testing. By electing to partake in clinical studies you are not only receiving top quality medical care for FREE (or in some cases even get paid) but making a decision to assist the progression of new and cutting edge products to enter the market.

A clinical study is a phase of testing used to determine the efficacy and properties of products before they are made available on the open market. Whether to be used for the treatment of current conditions or in preparation for upcoming ones, the human trial phase of the study is vitally important. Providing researchers the chance to see the product in action in the context of it’s target group, gives insight to the efficiency of their products, as well as the ability to closely monitor any benefits or side-effects.

Who Conducts Clinical Studies?

                  Clinical Study hosts are various governing bodies, whether in part with the FDA, or pharmaceutical companies, they advance their product or determine it’s social value through clinical studies. Once the product has completed it’s lab research phase, it moves on to Phase 1 human testing and those studies are conducted by the investigating parties involved.

How Long Do Clinical Studies Last?

                  Clinical studies have a widely ranging time of trial depending on the product being tested. Some studies may be as short as a few days, and some may last a few years. Participants are made fully aware of the time of study prior to your informed consent. It is high suggested that the projected length of study is something to stay aware of, as you don’t want to wind up in a study that lasts longer than you are prepared to devote to it.

Participating in a Clinical Trial.

Many paid clinical trials have differing eligibility and disqualification measures that will be made aware to you prior to giving your consent. Some studies are specifically geared toward certain sexes, ethnic groups, or pre-existing illnesses. In order to check your eligibility for an upcoming clinical trial, simply contact us to obtain all the necessary information prior to application.

Reasons for Conducting a Clinical Trial.

Invested parties have many reasons for conducting a clinical study. A pharmaceutical company may develop a drug  designed to treat a specific condition and as part of regulation it must go through the phases of human testing before it can be released to market. Once lab research is concluded then human clinical study phases begin for a pre-determined length of time in order to monitor efficacy and benefit.

Understanding Informed Consent.

As a clinical research participant, you have the right to all available information regarding the study you plan to take part in. Prior to giving your consent, the research team will provide you with all the necessary information and also spend ample time with you for any and all questions regarding the program. We have some suggested questions in our Informed Consent section that you can bring to your meeting to help you be fully prepared.

Where are Clinical Studies Conducted?

Depending on the study, clinical trials Dallas can be conducted virtually anywhere. In most cases the study will just take a little time within your normal daily routine. As not to interrupt your normal livelihood, you can usually continue to see your own doctor, continue your usual medical routine, and barely notice the impact it has on your day. Some studies are more closely monitored and may take place within a hospital or other institutes. All information regarding the study’s location will be made aware to you at the start of your study and before consent is given.

Potential Risks and Benefits.

                  The benefits of clinical trials are manifold. Participants not only stand to improve the quality of their own lives, but the lives of others, by providing invaluable information to medical research and scientific knowledge. There are risks associated with any clinical trial. These will be explained in detail to potential volunteers prior to the study.

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