Clinical Trials Dallas

What are Clinical Trials in Dallas Fort Worth all about?

A clinical trial is defined as a research study intended to explore whether a certain medical treatment, strategy, medication or device is safe, effective and worthwhile for humans. Some medical trials show physicians that specific medical approaches are more appropriate for certain illnesses or subsets of patients.

There are many different types of clinical trials being used in the medical world today. They all use human volunteers who participate in the studies in order to add to the current knowledge of the medical community. Patients involved in clinical trials will receive treatment and interventions which may include: medications, medical devices, medical procedures, behavioral changes, or dietary changes. This group of participants who receives an intervention will then be compared with another group of study participants who are given either: a different intervention, a standard medical treatment already available, or a placebo which is a medication with no useful ingredients. Sometimes the control group is given no intervention at all.

Oftentimes, people who volunteer to participate in clinical trials are suffering from an illness that may benefit from experimental drugs or treatment. For example, a woman diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, which currently is extremely difficult to treat, may choose to participate in a variety of clinical trials in order to find a treatment that manages to put triple negative breast cancer into remission.

Alzheimer’s patients may also choose to participate in medical research in order to do everything in their power to fight the disease they were diagnosed with which currently has no definitive treatment or “cure.” Many Alzheimer’s patients who work with their doctors to find appropriate clinical trials feel that they are doing something positive toward helping slow the progression of their case, as well as helping future generations who may be affected with Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical trials in Dallas are very closely monitored by medical doctors who are qualified in the disease, disorder or syndrome being studied in the trial. Typically, there is one lead investigator on each clinical trial, and s/he will work with a team of researchers that will include other doctors as well as a variety of other professionals in the healthcare industry.

Experimental clinical research always takes place in a medical setting, for example: doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical clinics, medical research centers and medical universities. Depending on the disorder or disease being investigated, clinical trials have a wide range of time frames. They may last anywhere from four weeks to many months. All participants will be made aware of the study’s length before it begins.

The main reason for conducting clinical trials Dallas is to improve the medical knowledge surrounding a certain condition suffered by humans. Many clinical trials are hoping to find successful interventions that will initiate remission of a disease or prevent a specific disorder from developing at all. Some clinical trials are diagnostic in nature and have the goal of disease diagnosis and early intervention. Lastly, often times clinical trials are hoping to ease symptoms and improve quality of life for disease sufferers.