Who participates in paid clinical trials Dallas Fort Worth?

Who Can Participate in Clinical Trials?

A clinical trial is an experimental treatment completed by a team of researchers in the medical field in order to answer questions about biomedical or behavioral interventions that may improve, halt or cure a specific disease or diagnosis in humans. The information gleaned from clinical trials helps the medical profession by generating valid data regarding different treatments and approaches for treating patients diagnosed with the disease in question. The test subjects in clinical trials are all human volunteers.

Although the participants involved in clinical trials are volunteers who wish to take part in the study in question each clinical trial has specific and very strict rules about who may participate in the research at hand. These rules are referred to as inclusion or exclusion criteria. Clinical trial volunteers are sorted by a variety of factors, including: their age, sex, diagnosis and disease staging, prior treatments and comorbidity. Comorbidity is defined as the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions in one patient. Careful selection of appropriate trial participants is crucial to the successful outcome of this type of medical research.

Patients who wish to participate in a clinical trial and are selected will be given extensive information regarding the medical research to be performed. Trial volunteers will be made aware of the specific details surrounding the trial, which may include: what exactly is being studied, the possible interventions that the patient may receive throughout the trial, potential side effects, possible outcomes and any risks to the patient. They will be told whether or not the result of the study will be made available to the participants after the trial ends.

Anyone who is considering participating in a clinical trial for either the purpose of medical research or with the hope of improving his/her current disease should ask as many questions as possible of the medical research team before the clinical trial actually begins. This will ensure complete understanding and accurate expectations throughout the duration of the research being completed. Some questions patient should always ask before agreeing to participate in a clinical trial include: What will be expected of me during the trial period? How long is this clinical trial expected to last? What kind of procedures and tests will be completed? When will I need to come to the medical center or hospital? Will I be compensated monetarily for participating in this trial?

It is also important for participants to fully understand whether or not there will be expenses that arise throughout the duration of the clinical trial, and who will be responsible for said expenses. This will help avoid any surprise expenses for the volunteer. Many people who participate in clinical trials and find success in treating their disease will want to know if they can continue receiving the treatment beyond the end of the trial. Additionally, all study volunteers should be made aware of whether or not there will be any follow-up care or treatment after their participation in the medical research ends.