Where are Trials Conducted?

clinicaltrials5Hearing the term “clinical study” you may be led to believe that such studies are only offered through large medical centres in the most field-leading cities across the United States. But in actuality, there is almost always a need for study members in any location large or small, in many fields of research.

In terms of pharmaceutical testing, the location of the study can range from your own home, to being within a medical facility at all times. The general location of the study itself largely depends on the product being tested, and it’s foreseeable side effects as to whether or not the tester should be within distance of a health care provider, or if closer observation needs to be implemented.

For testing products made available at home, you are essentially free to continue doing your regular day to day activities unhindered. There is usually a time and place to report in on periodic occasions in which to report your state of being and any other information that may be pertinent to the study. Other tasks included may be to keep a record of information on your medical state and any side effects that may have become noticeable, or to make yourself readily available for a health care practitioner to come to your home in order to check in and update themselves on your progress.

In clinical trials performed at medical facilities or other health-care based institutions, your need to record and monitor yourself is alleviated some as you will have constant access to those conducting the trial. Generally you will work closely with doctors, nurses, or other health-care providers, and all participants being constantly updated and aware of your well being at all times. In facility based clinical trials there is usually a strict regimen to follow, including diet, exercise and monitoring of eating and sleeping habits.

It is typically more comfortable to conduct trials at your own home on your own time, though it will essentially depend on the trial itself and the needs of the research team in charge of running them. If close supervision is needed, as in rapid acting drugs, or potentially serious side effects, it is much safer to do so in the constant company of those who can assist you promptly and effectively.

For other trials, such as other random products or single use devices, the trial can easily be done on your own time and in your own choice of location. Generally a log will be kept by yourself to record any pertinent information regarding the product and your usage and turned in either periodically or at the end of the testing phase.

There is no fixed location for all clinical studies, and each one must be viewed and set on a case by case basis. Normally in volunteering for a clinical trial, you will be given all pertinent information on where the trial will be held, either previous to participation, or shortly thereafter. There is no worry about having to participate in a study location that you are not comfortable with, as you will have the information before you give your informed consent.